.We would be happy to meet with you to explain how the services can help rent and maintain your family’s rental home.
Our object involves selecting desirable tenants, keeping operational and other costs in line, and preserving the building, while enhancing the physical value of the property.
Our regular management functions include the following:

Marketing Your Property
• Local advertising and detailed, easy to use website
• Analysis of the property and neighborhood
• Suggest improvements for maximum rent
• Full maintenance crew to assist owner in making improvements

 Screening for the Most Qualified Tenants
• Credit check and evaluation
• Verification of all applicants’ income and job history
• Interview previous landlords to establish rental history
• Unlawful Detainer record check to ensure no prior evictions

 Property Maintenance
• Owner authorization required for repairs over $300, except in emergencies
• Owner option to select, supervise and directly pay for any repairs
• Tenants contact us for repairs and all issues relating to the property
• Serve all Tenant Notices and provide Eviction Services

 Property Finances
• Monthly cash following and owner ledger statement
• Income cost reports and bill paying
• Competitive pricing
• No FEE during vacancies
• Annual statement for filing taxes


Electronic personal tax

Please feel free to call us at: 604-346-8855 to make an appointment or stop by at any time to discuss your property and management options.
Our experienced office and maintenance staff works to satisfy current and prospective tenants with a “get the work done” attitude.


accounting:  Payroll, bookkeeper